Success Stories


Raymond I.

I’m thankful for Academy of Learning in helping me complete the programming leading to the Web Design diploma. In my situation, traditional college daily attendance was not possible. Academy of Learning Career College provided me the flexibility and compassionate assistance I needed to earn my diploma with top marks. You have my gratitude. All the


Harley S.

Academy of Learning Career College is an outstanding organization that helped me with so much! The courses are well-planned out and organized so that students can go at their own pace, which is an amazing experience. AOLCC has given me skills and confidence I need to succeed outside in an actual job environment.The staff at


Bathsheba W.

My Experience as a Medical Office Administration Student Coming from Africa, my friends thought it was going to be difficult to learn in Canada, so I set my goals and decided to enroll at Academy of Learning College. At first, I thought it was an office and later we would all go onto our various


Ashly K.

Independent – but not alone: that is how I would best describe my overall experience at Academy of Learning Career College. I attended another college right after high school and it really tainted my ambition to learn and apply effort. I took a couple years off from schooling and worked full time while trying to


Angelica G.

My experience with Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston was absolutely wonderful. The admissions process was fantastic and made you feel comfortable. They really help you open your options as to what you want to learn and get out of this college. The instructors and entire staff are phenomenal at helping you with any


Jamie C.

My Learning Experience at Academy of Learning When I think about my favourite experiences during my time at Academy of Learning Career College, many things come to mind. I’m honestly sitting here, trying to think of a specific time that stands out in my mind. I honestly can’t think of one. All that comes to


Wesley D.

I was introduced to AOL through my employer as part of a transition service to military personnel releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces. The Kingston campus offers a resume building and writing course transitioning military members. I hadn’t been in school outside of the military for nearly 30 years. So I was a bit nervous


Rozina D.

I was overwhelmed at first, but within 1 week I felt very comfortable and confident thanks to the wonderful staff for supporting me, encouraging me, and believing in me. Thank you!Sincerely,Rosie D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma


Talita J.

My experience at the Academy of Learning Career College Kingston has been astonishing! With the flexible hours and the learning environment, I found it to be a very helpful and comfortable experience. At first, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. The one thing that stood out to me was the


Wayne E.

My experience with the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston was fantastic! Your team of facilitators were terrific, very knowledgeable and of great assistance when required. The course material is laid out in an easy to understand manner and is well balanced between books and computer assisted training. Academy of Learning Career College is